Waste management services

Barje Collection Centre

In front of RCERO Ljubljana there is Barje Collection Centre for separating different types of waste or spent items (plastic, sheet metal, home appliances, clothing and footwear).

While waste disposal at collection centres is free, there are quantity and frequency limits that should be considered: construction waste and insulation construction waste (0.5 m3), tyres (5 tyres), bulky waste (3 m3), green waste (garden waste) (1.5 m3), asbestos insulating boards (Europallet to the height of 0.5 m) and furniture wood (2 m3).

For the removal of waste generated within the scope of economic activities (production, craft, agriculture), the business operator is obliged to sign a contract with a suitable company authorised for collecting and processing waste.

Working hours and location

Non-hazardous waste dump and Collection Centre Barje, Cesta dveh cesarjev, 1000 Ljubljana

  • Telephone exchange: +386 1 200 35 25
  • Head of the dump: +386 1 200 35 40
  • Fax: +386 1 200 35 35

Collection Centre Barje is open:

  • from 1 April to 31 October: Monday to Saturday between 6 am. and 8 pm.;
  • from 1 November to 31 March: Monday to Saturday between 6 am. and 6 pm.

Thirty large containers are available at the Barje Collection Centre for depositing waste. There is an information board next to each of them, specifying the waste that can be deposited in it.

  1. Hazardous household waste (motor, machine and lubricating oils, cooking oils and fats, paints and varnishes; solvents, pesticides, fungicides, medicinal products and chemicals; detergents; batteries, fluorescent, halogen and energy-saving bulbs; car batteries)
  2. Non-ferrous metals (cables, plumbing fittings, cast rims, copper guttering, brass, lead pipes etc.)
  3. Massive iron (radiators, engine blocks, steel profiles, massive pieces and castings)
  4. Metal packaging (barrels, containers, jerrycans, cans, tins etc.)
  5. Metal packaging (barrels, containers, jerrycans, cans, tins etc.)
  6. Non-flexible plastic (crates)
  7. Plastic packaging (carrying bags, jerrycans, plastic bottles, CD, DVD and cassette casings and wraps)
  8. Electronic equipment – screens (monitors, TV screens)
  9. Electronic equipment (radio sets, computers, telephones etc.)
  10. Biological waste
  11. White goods (refrigerators, cookers, washing machines and dishwashers, domestic appliances, heaters)
  12. Sheet metal (bonnets, galvanised sheet metal, wheels)
  13. Wooden packaging (crates and cases, palettes)
  14. Furniture wood (closets, furniture, chairs)
  15. Mixed municipal waste – small quantities
  16. Green cuts (branches, mowing remains, leaves)
  17. Construction waste (bricks, plaster, tiles, sanitary ceramics, small pieces of concrete)
  18. Automobile tyres
  19. Asbestos waste
  20. Glass packaging (bottles, jars)
  21. Flat glass (we do not accept laminated, reinforced glass and mirrors)
  22. Styrofoam (white, clean)
  23. Electrical equipment
  24. Packaging (plastic bottles, cans and hollow packaging)
  25. Cotton
  26. Clothing and footwear
  27. Mixed municipal waste
  28. Carton and paper packaging
  29. Carton and paper packaging
  30. PE, PP foil transparent and clean


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